Francesca’s Flower Club

Bringing joy and connection through creativity.
Ok gather round, come in close, closer, ah there, that’s it…
This is where the connection is. I want to tell you a secret…Spark your creativity

There’s magic here…

I play in a world with beauty, joy and lots of magic and I want to share it with YOU!

It’s so Lucky you’re here! Take a breath, breathe in deeply and take in the divine fragrance of the blooms.

Spark your creativity, connect with beauty and sip tea and relax….

Join our club by subscription and each month a handpicked selection of flowers, foliage, floral materials (YES even the vases, wires, tapes) and loose-leaf tea will arrive at your door.

Everything YOU need to create YOUR OWN florist perfect design.

Francesca’ Flower Club is all about bringing the joy of flower arranging to your own home.

With the magic of technology on the first Friday of the month we will gather together via Facebook live and you will learn the art of floral design and the peace and joy which comes from simply being creative.

You will create beautiful bouquets, perfect posies, lush winter table centres, festive Christmas wreaths, together each month we will create a different design.

This is not just a bunch of flowers. You will receive a beautiful selection of unique flowers to play with and create stunning designs. Each months box is a surprise selection of seasonal blooms.

Pop the kettle on, make yourself a pot of tea and enjoy the relaxing world of flowers. We remove the need to rush around on a Saturday morning to the markets and spend hundreds of dollars getting a selection of flowers.

Everything will come straight to you, including the tea and homemade biscuits!

  Escape with me… Are you ready to play? 

YES, I want to play
$27 per week
Connect with our flower tribe!

Flowers bring people together, in our private Facebook community you can create with me while watching the live instruction videos, share your creations or find other flower friends to create with.

You can make new friends, gather together and create your designs together.

Flowers are Mother Nature laughing and laughter is good for the soul. Take time out and do something good for you. Find your creative. Find happiness. All delivered straight to your door.

What is it all about? 
Francesca’s Flower Club is about bringing joy and connection through creativity and everything you need is couriered to your door on the 1st Friday of the month!
  • Bringing unique flowers to your home
  • Giving you access to learning real florist techniques
  • Connecting you with our Flower Tribe
  • You will learn a different design each month
  • An Easy weekly subscription
  • All fresh unique flowers
  • All the bits and bobs are included! Yes vases, tapes, wires, everything you need for each design is included.
  • Even the Tea is Included!

 Escape with me… Are you ready to play? 

YES, I want to play
$27 per week

How it Works

You don’t need to think about it, all the Fresh flowers, all the bits and bobs and tea will be delivered.

So here’s how it works
  • Firstly make your pot of tea.
  • Then Jump online and join us via Facebook Live on Friday evening for the demonstration of how to create your floral design.
  • Don’t have time on Friday? Don’t worry can simply just cut the stems and pop them in a bucket and come back and watch the video anytime you are ready.
  • Then get creative!
  • Enjoy your Flowers

Don’t worry if you are away you can just let us know and either skip your delivery for the month or even better share it you can redirect it to a friend if you are away.

Had enough? If you decided you don’t want to play any more then Just let us know and you can cancel any time. Its really easy and we wont hassle you, I promise it is nothing like a gym membership!

I know what you are thinking, What an awesome gift!

Flowers, Tea and a really fun experience you can even do in stretchy couch pants! I know right. How cool it this!
Yes of course your mum, grandma, sister and even your uncle will love it!!
A perfect gift for YOURSELF or your loved ones to get creative with. 

YES, What a great gift!